We are navigating in dangerous waters. Hi, my name is Martino I am 18 years old, almost 19 to be honest, italian student. I decided to start a blog to express my feelings, my view and my opinion and what’s going happening in the world. I hope this blog will be useful for whoever who reads it. As I said I live in Italy and right now Covid is a big problem, that we can’t seem to be able to defeat. Whenever the number of infected people decrease and the virus is diffusing more and more slowly, the Italian Government opens the shops so we go back to the previous situation. The national health system is clogged, they will not be able to withstand for much longer.

The other major problem is unemployement: right now the government has denied the possibility of dismissal, the 30th of March employer will be able to dismiss workers . Probably the Government will stop the dismissal again, but in the end now or later the dismissal will happen. The economy then will crash really hard, the unemployement will skyrocket and also criminality and social injustice will increase. I don’t know right now what is the monetary policy of the ECB, but I know the one of the federal reserve, they are printing Dollars non stop. 40% of all the US dollars in circulation have been printed in the last year. The USD will likely lose up to 30% of his value before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The vaccine has arrived and all my grandparents are already vaccinated, I am grateful for that. What worries me the most are all the Coronavirus variants, I hope that vaccines will also work on them, otherwise Coronavirus is not gonna be defeated soon.

I am happy really happy that Mario Draghi is the new Italy’s Prime Minister, he was the governor of the ECB for 7 years and he did an amazing job, he saved the euro. A few days ago I read an interesting headline which compared “Whatever it takes”, the main line of his most famous speach, to “Todo Modo”, on of the mantras of the Jesuits. Draghi was educated by Jesuits. His speech to the parliament was brilliant, and gave me confidence. I want to study Genomics at university but I know that if the situation doesn’t change I will not be able to work in Italy unless I lower my expectations, and I don’t want to do so.

Last April I discovered the Blockchain and Crypto World, I am convinced that this is the future, I deeply believe so, I came for the money I stayed for the vision. I really like Cardano, and especially his founder Charles Hoskinson. I want to learn how to code so I can implement my projects on the Blockchain and really be helpful.

Have a nice day and see you next time.

I am an Italian Student, I live in Bologna and I am crypto-enthusiast